The Longreach Maris Sustainable Seafood Fund provides investors with an ESG aware and socially responsible investment into a diversified portfolio of Individual Transferable Quota (‘ITQs’) within the Australian wild-caught fisheries industry.

ITQ’s are a form of statutory fishing right granted under the relevant Commonwealth and State laws and regulations and permit the holder to commercially catch a certain quantity of a certain fish stock or species within a specific fishery in Australia during each relevant fishing season.

The Fund is designed to deliver investors income and capital growth.

The Australian wild caught seafood industry provides the combined benefit of having strong environment regulation along with a supportive global premium protein thematic.

Longreach Maris enables Australian investors to gain exposure to a sustainable and valuable Australian agricultural investment thematic with favourable long-term macro supply-demand dynamics.

Our Capability

Longreach Maris Sustainable Seafood Fund (Class A)


To deliver consistent income and long-term capital growth through a diversified portfolio of Individual Transferable Quota (‘ITQs’) within the premium Australian wild-caught fisheries industry.


To achieve the investment objective, the Fund will:

  • Acquire ITQs in selected sustainable premium wild-caught fisheries, providing potential for capital appreciation over the long term;
  • Lease its ITQs in parcels to Australian fishers, seafood processors and exporters with a view to generating regular recurring income; and
  • Lease ITQs from third parties and sub-lease those ITQs in parcels to fishers to generate additional income, within a diversified portfolio of Australian sustainable premium wild-caught ITQs.
Fund Key Features

Inception date

31 August 2021

Return Target

Income Yield of 4.0% – 6.0% p.a. and Capital Growth of 4.0% – 6.0% p.a. (net of fees) over 3 years

Minimum Investment



Initial 18-month lockup. Quarterly redemptions thereafter.

Unit Pricing



Semi – Annual

Platform Availability (Advisers)

Netwealth and Ausmaq


Management fee: 1.35% p.a. (exclusive of GST/RITC)
Performance fee: 20% p.a. (exclusive of GST/RITC) of the total return above the performance hurdle (6%) subject to a High-Water Mark.

How to invest

You need to be a qualified wholesale investor in order to be able to invest.

To request an Information Memorandum (IM) and application form for the Longreach Maris Sustainable Seafood Fund (Class A) please contact the Longreach Client Services team either by email or telephone +61 291 350 428.